Training Curriculum

Making Space 365

Training Curriculum

Making Space 365

Making Space 365 Creative Skills & Entrepreneurship Youth Training Curriculum

The Making Space 365 consortium provided a compendium of modular, active and self-directed learning resources to support youth leaders and educators to develop the entrepreneurial and creative skills of young people in the communities where the partners are located. Partners developed bespoke, embedded-learning resources that is attractive and engaging, and that support the target group to build skills that enhance lifelong learning, personal fulfillment, civic engagement and social cohesion. Partners made these resources available in a youth educators toolkit, complete with accessories such as additional self-directed learning resources and guidance notes.
The programme is developed as a suite of 12 modules – 6 entrepreneurship and 6 creative focused, with support materials and self-directed learning resources provided in accessible language and media-rich formats.

Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes Reference Matrix


Please find the English version of the modules.

Module 1

Spotting opportunities and valuing ideas

Module 2

Vision and ethical and sustainable thinking

Module 3

Financial and economic literacy

Module 4

Self-awareness and self-efficacy

Module 5

Planning and management

Module 6

Taking the initiative and working with others

Module 7

Imagination and cognitive flexibility

Module 8

Divergent thinking - Generating ideas and problem solving

Module 9

Intrinsic Motivation

Module 10

Experimenting with and refining ideas

Module 11

Implementing, presenting and explaining ideas and solutions

Module 12

Tolerance for ambiguity or unpredictability